List of Posts in Groups and there Salary Pay Scale

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission recruits thousands of candidates every year on different services of the state. It conducts examination and interviews for selection of candidates in various Technical and Non –Technical services. It takes dedicated preparation for the exams to get selected in these jobs. Every year lakhs of candidates appear in these examinations, but only a few deserving candidates get selected in these jobs. We will provide you the list of these services and also provide updates when notifications will be issued for recruitments on these services. Here find the basic salary for different posts

List of Technical Services:

Posts Salary Scale of pay
Asst. Engineer ₹19050-45850
Asst. Motor Vehicle Inspector ₹15280-40510
Asst. Director of Legal Metrology N/A
Industrial Promotion Officer ₹16150-42590
Asst. Conservator of Forests ₹25600-50560

List of Non-Technical Services:

GROUP I Salary Scale of pay
Deputy Collector ₹27000-51760
Deputy Superintendent of Police Category- II. ₹20680-46960
Commercial Tax Officer ₹20680-46960
Regional Transport Officer ₹19050-45850
Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies ₹18030-43630
District Panchayat Officer ₹19050-45850
District Registrar ₹21820-48120
Divisional Fire Officer N/A
Deputy Superintendent of Jails ₹19050-45850
Assistant Commissioner of Labour N/A
Assistant Excise Superintendent N/A
Municipal Commissioner Grade-II ₹16150-42590
District Social Welfare Officer ₹18030-43630
District Backward Classes Welfare Officer including Assistant Director N/A
District Tribal Welfare Officer N/A
District Employment Officer ₹18030-43630
Lay Secretary & Treasurer Grade-II ₹16150-42590
Assistant Treasury Officer/Assistant Accounts Officer. ₹16150-42590
Assistant Audit Officer ₹16150-42590
Mandal Parishad Development Officer ₹16150-42590
GROUP II (Executive Posts) Salary Scale of pay
Municipal Commissioner Grade-III ₹15280-40510
Assistant Commercial Tax Officer ₹14860-39540
Mandal Revenue Officer ₹16150-42590
Sub-Registrar Grade-II ₹16150-42590
Junior Employment Officer ₹14860-39540
Co-operative Sub-Registrar ₹14860-39540
Assistant Labour Officer ₹14860-39540
Extension Officer ₹12550-35800
Excise Sub-Inspector ₹12910-36700
Executive Officer Grade-II ₹10900-31550
GROUP II (Non-Executive Posts) Salary Scale of pay
Senior Accountant ₹10900-31550
Auditor in A.P. Pay & Accounts ₹10900-31550
Senior Accountant ₹10900-31550
Senior Auditor ₹10900-31550
Assistant Section Officer in Secretariat Sub-Service ₹12910-36700
Assistant Section Officer in A.P. Legislature ₹12910-36700
Assistant Section Officer (Fin. & Plg. Fin. Dept.) ₹12910-36700
Assistant Section Officer (Law Dept.) ₹12910-36700
Assistant Auditor N/A
Typist-cum-Assistant in A.P. Secretariat Service ₹.9460-27700
Typist-cum-Assistant in A.P. Legislature Sub-Service ₹.9460-27700
Typist-cum-Assistant (Fin. & Plg. Fin. Dept.) ₹.9460-27700
Typist-cum-Assistant (Law Dept.) ₹.9460-27700
Assistant-cum-Typist (Heads of Dept.) in A.P. Ministerial Service. N/A
Junior Assistant (Heads of Departments) in A.P.Ministerial Sevice N/A
Junior Accountant (Directorate) N/A
Junior Accountant (Directorate) in A.P. Govt. Life Insurance Sub-Service


GROUP IV Salary Scale of pay
Junior Stenos ₹8440-24950
Typists and Junior Assistants in Judicial Ministerial Services and Junior Stenos ₹8440-24950
Typists in the Offices of the Heads of the Departments ₹8440-24950

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    good job

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    Thanks for your clear details.

  3. Surya December 25, 2013 at 12:23 am - Reply

    Hi, What exactly you mean by payscale? For example for a deputy collector you have given it as 27000-51760.
    What do you mean by it? Is that the basic component sans allowances? If it is so, could you please give me the list of other allowances and what would be the take home for a deputy collector in AP.


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